1 April 2015 - Consultation outcome

New 'super heads' to revive failing Morris sides

'Toppers' as they have been dubbed will be brought in to raise standards


1 April 2016 - Press Release

Project Morris 2020

Moving Morris into the 21st Century 


1 April 2015 - Press Release

More Morris sides should be above average

Inspectors are clamping down on sides still performing the same old traditional dances


1 April 2015 - Press Release

Chief Inspector Cecil Sharphouse seeks his quarry

Sir Cecil looks to the future when all sides will be like Headington


1 April 2015 - Guidance

Do these legs ring a bell?

Ofstep seeks to standardise the tuning of bells


1 April 2017 - Press Release

Lost in the Mists of Time

The early history of the Morris 


What we do

Ofstep is the new Office for Standards in Morris Dancing. We report directly to the Joint Morris Organisations and we are independent and impartial. We inspect and regulate dance sides that perform the Morris in any of its accepted forms, namely Cotswold, Border, Molly, North West, Longsword and Rapper.

Every week, we carry out hundreds of inspections and regulatory visits throughout England, and publish the results on our website. To find an inspection report, go to the find an inspection report page.  We work with dance sides that are not yet good to promote their improvement, monitoring their progress and sharing with them the best practice we find.


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Our Announcements

1 April 2015 - News

Morris ON?

Major supermarket offers sponsorship for dance prize

1 April 2015 - Guidance

Border Dances are too edgy?  

Fishnet tights : a step too far?

Our Announcements

1 April 2015 - North West

Too many sides are clogging the streets

Dancing on the road is too be banned

1 April 2015 - News

And did those feet?

An online quiz to recognise Morris sides by their footwear

Our Publications

1 April 2015 - Pamphlet

Step Off

The new dance handbook listing the three dances to teach all beginners

1 April 2015 - Guidance

Once To Yourself: a self asssessment guide

Guidelines for Inspectors and Squires

1 April 2015 - Press Release

Lord of the Dance

Sir Cecil Sharphouse gives the view from the top

Our Statistics

1 April 2015 - Guidance

How many Morris dancers are on Facebook?

Numbers can be deceptive

1 April 2015 - Guidance

Is a Half Gyp just 50% of a Whole Gyp?

Bringing mathematics to bear on dancing styles

Our Management

Sir Cecil Sharphouse

Her Majesty's Chief Inspector